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Pinoy Musikero in United Kingdom


By Norbz Calma Gayanilo

Pinoy Musikero In United Kingdom

It was at this time 4 years ago when the Pinoy Musikero United Kingdom (PMUK) Group Page was created. Thanks to social media Facebook. During that time my main purpose was to look for fellow Musicians in the UK. I started adding friends, people whom I know in the industry. Bro Jun Patelo and bro Port Malilin was one of those few I added first.

For the love of music We took part in so many Charity Events, Musical Shows and different Barrio fiesta around UK and with that many new Bands were formed.

I didn't really expect that it will become a Musicians Network of Pinoy Bands and Musicians, In PMUK page you could find members with different kinds of talent from singing to dancing to composing songs and many more you name it we have it...

It serves its main purpose. We met new friends who share our passion and aim.

Here we are after 4 years, solid and still going strong... Happy Anniversary to all... credit to all of us but most specially to the 2 main pillars of PMUK. bro Jun Patelo and bro Port Mallillin...

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