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Woven Wings Of Our Children

By: Carol Panday

It weaves the stories of children forced to work and interpret their realities or escape into ecstasy sniffing glue in plastic bags.

A victim of incest sells flowers and battles the father devil who crawls into her each night, a child lives in his world of flying heroes negotiating the traffic as he jumps onto busses and jeeps to clean the shoes of passengers, a young maid abused by her employer becomes the birdwoman who unleashes her vengeance,

A child sells her body for kilos of discarded pipes and scrap metal in construction sites.

They all meet and dance their hope in the fabled embrace of Meybuyen, a woman with many breasts who suckle children and who in life are deprived of milk.

All garbed in shimmering wings made from discarded plastic water bottles, they meet in her embrace ina searing statement of how “child” is not a “child” in a society that is not a mother to her own children.

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