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Marco Polo, An Untold Love Story

By DjKizzer/ MLeonar

Marco Polo, An Untold Love Story is a show that ambitious and it strives to please with an interesting cast, costume designed to catch the eye and a musical score that will leave one in awe. All of this was the work of Rogelio Saldo Chua – who wrote the play, music and its lyrics and played producer on set.

This story is one that enthrals the viewer by telling the factious tale of the traveller Marco Polo and his forbidden love with the Princess Kogajin, daughter of Kublai Khan, the Emperor of Mongolia.

The cast is impeccable with their singing abilities where they reach the highest notes beautifully and create the atmosphere that the scene wants, their dancing is in sync and the music behind the whole thing creates the atmosphere. The cast also consists of actors from the Philippines and other European countries; this comes with accents and successfully makes the array of actors ethnic to their characters. The actor behind Kublai Khan stole the scene with his powerful singing voice, fantastic acting and domineering attitude that made the scene into a serious one. The princess showcases passion for Marco Polo, while the actor behind Polo’s character is at the peak of his romantic shenanigans. The acting is dramatic, it ensnares the senses and it is easy to forget that this is a play and not something happening right before your eyes. That alone makes this play highly successful.

The music is memorable and unique with violin and piano numbers that are quite uncommon in other theatrical pieces. The lighting creates a mood that is strong and adds to the drama. The directing makes one think that the actors had years of experience, that they had known one another for ages as they are all comfortable with each other, making the play feel close to reality.

Alas that is not all: the costumes. The costumes are perfect: the Chinese ladies of the court in their traditional wear are colourful and even complete with the fans; the princess, at first disguised as a cadet, wears both her armour and her royal costumes well and it is historically correct.

The cast with their vocal abilities, the music, acting, costumes and the set all combine to make a great show. Afterwards one feels giddy with excitement at the story of forbidden love and passion – and it even makes one wonder what the adventurer Marco Polo had done in his free time, since not much is known about his personal life. The tale may be fiction, but what did the adventurer do besides sailing the coast of Africa?

The play is outstanding. It is beautifully set up with a storyline that draws you in and holds you there. The act of pleasing the audience is realised in this play.

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